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Effortlessly build legit backlinks by connecting with 1700+ active link builders

Connect with an active network of 1700+ active link builders to build backlinks through A-B-C link exchange, guest blogs, with 5x lesser effort & time.

Join 1700+ companies, including…


Should link-building be this hectic?

We know link building is the hardest part of SEO & you know that it’s a major ranking factor. We made it simple by displaying a lot of active backlink opportunities on a dashboard.

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With Linkly (2).gif

Have a sneak peek!

Get 1700+ more in the full version

Save your time & money to do better things than cold-emailing

Connect with link-builders with 3 easy steps

Method 1


Find suitable link-opportunity

Simply put filters on parameters like DA, DR, traffic, niche, spam %, price, etc. to find suitable link opportunities.


Send a request

Fill required details & send a request to a suitable link opportunity.


Negotiate & deal

Decide the topic, conditions, content guidelines, etc & make a deal.

Method 2 (Upcoming)


Submit your requirements

Let us know your filters like Category/Niche, DR & Traffic.


Receive emails

We regularly send personalized backlink opportunities your way.

Types of link-building opportunities

One platform for all your requirements

Just getting started, don’t have the budget? → Go for Free Guest Blogs

Want relevant high-authority backlinks? → Do A-B-C Link Exchange

End of month, want to reach your targets? → Buy Paid Backlinks

Free Guest Blog

Give Content, Get Link

  • Moderate quality, Zero cost, Slow response

  • Low-effort backlinks to build if you’re just getting started with link building

A-B-C Link Exchange

Give Link, Get Link

  • Best quality, Zero cost, High response

  • For DR>20 sites so that other site owners want to take your backlinks

Paid Backlinks

Give Money, Get Link

  • Best quality, Fastest response, Least effort

  • If you have budget & want quick results or insanely-high authority backlinks

What exactly is a link exchange?

A link exchange is simply when two or more websites agree to link to each other.

Add a little bit of body text.gif

Is exchanging links a legitimate strategy?

Excessive reciprocal link exchange could be risky but non-reciprocal link exchanges are safe as far as created backlinks are relevant. Even limited reciprocal link exchange is also safe.

Google's Webmaster Guidelines clearly state that excessive link exchanges are against their terms. But the word 'Excessive' suggests that even Google understands and appreciates that it's very natural for websites to link to each other in certain situations

Available link-building opportunities

As per our current data, we can guarantee that the users of SAAS, Digital Marketing, and Technology niches will build at least 10 backlinks through Linkly, If they have a DR > 20 & Traffic > 2,000


Active users


Registered sites


Connections made

Client testimonials - Hear what people are saying

Their Experience, Your Confidence


SaaS founder


Solo Founder


Agency Founder

SEO Marketer




Plans for every kind of business

Free trial for 7 days

50% off

Book a Demo

Schedule your FREE demo with Linkly, and discover how you can build quality links for your website to rank higher on Google.

The Tool

Maximize your efficiency with our feature-packed platform


Link Vault

Dashboard view, research & find suitable link opportunities.

My Sites & Links

List your sites on Linkly to get incoming requests from other potential partners.

Backlink Manager

Dashboard to view all “Selected” link opportunities & take action.

Link Giver Admin

View incoming requests for exchange. Review, approve & reject them from one dashboard.

73% response on relevent link requests

Top categories


Digital Marketing


Essential things that matter. We got ‘em

Link Monitor

If you build a backlink through us, you are our customer for a lifetime. We check your backlinks regularly & inform you if they are removed.

Slack Community

An active slack community to discuss new link-building methods or ask for a feature request.


We check each site diligently & keep removing inactive or non-reciprocating users.

Completely White Hat

No PBNs, profile, or comment links. No link building on automation. We just connect you faster.

Can’t trust us yet? Become a Linkly Partner

Just start with registering your site & receive free link-building opportunities weekly in your inbox

Linkly - Where link-builders connect

Skyrocket your ranking with link-building partnerships

Imagine, all the marketers doing cold outreach for marketing collab - guest blog, link exchange, newsletter collab, etc to grow their audience. Do they really need to do it?
Why not simply invert the funnel, have everyone interested come on a common platform, see the requirements & collaborate? Just focus on writing content & deliver more value to your users.

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