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How It Works

Google sends you free traffic & in return asks you to make your site more user-friendly & get backlinks.

If you would WANT A LINK, you should also GIVE A LINK. That’s how a link in essence works & that's the core of how Linkly works as well!

That’s why every site owner who registers on Linkly is both a Link Taker & a Link Giver.

SEO Link Buildiing

Step By Step

Now that you know the type of links let's see how to create backlinks on Linkly.

When you register on Linkly, fill your site details & verify site ownership. After manual verification from Linkly team, your website will start showing to other users & they can send request for a backlink from your site. You can approve or reject them from Link Giver Admin Dashboard.


After logging in, you start working from Link Vault - where we have more than 500 link-building opportunities. Each site is manually curated by our team to ensure they are legit & white hat.  Apply from over 23 parameters to shortlist backlink-worthy sites. Sites from which you would want a backlink. ‘Accept’ a link opportunity if it is worthy enough for you. 


All your"Accepted" links are present in Backlink Manager. Here you can view information to help you create that backlink- “How to Get Link”, “Content Guidelines”, “Conditions for backlink” etc.


Once you have created a link, save it in Link-Monitor which will check every week if your backlink is present or not and notify you if it is not. This way, you can be assured that the backlinks you worked on are not lost.


All the requests for giving a backlink to a site can be viewed in Link Giver Admin, like approving a link exchange request.


Types of backlinks available

Linkly has a diversity of sites for different cost, link types & DA levels.

Self publish guest blogs

About to publish blogs

Forums QnA *

Link Insertion

Free & paid guest blogs

Image submission *

Link Exchange - 2 & 3 way

Profile creation *

Article submission *

* - these are known as pillow links & help you diversify your links & anchor text

Use more to unlock new features

As you use the platform more, you will also be able to Create “About to Publish” link opportunities. It would be something like “I am writing blog post - “Topic Name”. which will be published on If you would want your link on it, please let me know the paragraph, the Target link & where to place it.

Still stuck somewhere ?

If you still have some issues regarding how to use the platform, or have any feedback or suggestions, please reachout to We are excited to help you there.

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