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Partner with A SEo marketer

PASE connects 1700+ SEO, Content Marketers for

A-B-C link exchange or Expert Opinions/Comments on Upcoming blogs

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How it Works

Partnership with A SEO (PASE) is similar to HARO but with more types of partnership & collaboration opportunities with other SEO Marketers. The aim is to grow through a community. Create authoritative content by inviting experts or build backlinks with every content you publish


Publisher submits upcoming article

for a partnership request, with A-B-C Link Exchange or Expert Opinion.


PASE subscribers get a request

to collaborate with the publisher & respond to start a partnership.


Everyone wins

Publisher gets an expert opinion/ backlink. PASE subscribers gets brand mention/ backlink.

If HARO exists, why this?

HARO is focused mainly on journalists who work in media companies. It doesn’t allow link exchange posts or connecting with non-journalists for collaborations like an expert roundup or a list of X.

With AI writing a lot of content, quality articles need human's opinion on the topic to differentiate.

How to use PASE - Ideas for Publishers to get started

Here are a few ideas on how you can use PASE to create quality content

  • Create an expert roundup on a topic and float it around like Link building in the age of AI

  • Create an upcoming blog about a list of tools relevant to your startup or niche & ask for expert 
  • Create Alternatives to (your competitors) comparison & ask expert opinion from users what they not like about them.

  • Create a survey related to your niche & ask for the opinion of experts. You can then summarize the result as well.

  • Create a listicle to talk about the number of ways to do X & ask for opinion

  • You can use any upcoming blog topic on your site, niche or tangentially relevant niches & ask for a link exchange


1. How to use PASE?

As of now, you can use PASE to explore an A-B-C Link exchange collaboration or get an expert opinion on an upcoming blog. You can suggest us more ways you would like to use this newsletter at We will be opening it for more opportunities later.

2. Is PASE free?

Email requests from PASE are free to use.

3. What does the source get?

As of now, we have 2 types of partnership opportunities.

  a. Link Exchange - You collaborate for a link exchange partnership. you give a link from one of your sites, and the publisher will give a link from an upcoming blog. It can be an A-B-C link exchange.

  b. Expert Opinion - If you are an expert in the topic, give your opinion on the blog, this is more like a brand mention. You might or might not get a link. Users generally treat brand mentions as more valuable than a backlink because it creates authority & brand.

4. Who can register as a source?

If you have a site that publishes blogs or has expertise in any industry, you are welcome.


5. What does a publisher get?

Depending on the option chosen, a publisher either gets a backlink (if it is a *Link Exchange*) or an expert comment (if it is an *Expert Opinion*) You can also take advantage of your source(s) distribution, if they agree to promote it on their channel like LinkedIn, Twitter or Newsletter.

6. Can I be a publisher AND a source as well?

Yeah, it is better to be both since link exchange & content marketing is a 2-way street.

7. Can I use PASE if I have a low DA/DR site?

Yes, PASE is a very good way to increase your DA/DR if you are just getting started in the digital world but already have some expertise in your domain/niche. We’re sure you will have expertise in some micro niche, after all, the internet is a smart place.

8. How is it different than Linkly?

It's not different from Linkly. It is just one more feature to provide more active opportunities to users.

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