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Effortlessly Create Quality Backlinks, 5x faster

Linkly is a curated link marketplace with free, link exchange & paid link-building opportunities. Valuable for all sites, it’s an optimized way for building quality backlinks to rank higher on Google.

Get started with our marketplace, free backlinks there for you

Backlinks are important, the problem is how to get them


Whether you are a newbie or experienced in link building, you would go through some of the following steps when building links

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Use Linkly to get curated link-building opportunities in a marketplace of
free, link exchange & paid backlinks.

Get backlink-worthy sites by filtering desired parameters


Filter Domains

Simply put filters on parameters like DA, DR, link type, traffic, niche, spam %, price, etc. to find backlink-worthy sites.


Required Action

Create backlinks as you normally do. Negotiate for link exchange, publish guest blog, find articles for link insertion.


Get Backlink

Get backlinks & manage backlink activity from a single dashboard. Linkly also monitors backlinks so they aren't removed.

Linkly Marketplace

On top of being a vault of backlinks, Linkly is also a management & productivity tool to manage your backlink activity.

Why Trust Us ?

How do we make your link building easier? 

Completely White Hat

Save Time & Money 

Trustworthy Curated Sites

Free, Paid & Link Exchange

Optimized efforts

100% Permanent Links

Link Vault

A single dashboard combining your Site Research & Prospecting. View sites with 23 parameters to find the backlink-worthy ones.

  • Manually curated opportunities 

  • White hat sites only

  • No spammy sites

  • No sites linking to porn or illicit content.

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Link Manager

Dashboard to view all ‘Accepted’ link opportunities & take action


  • After you ‘Accept’ a link in Link Vault, it comes to Backlink Manager. 

  • View info to create your backlink - content guidelines & how to create

  • Give access to your team members so they can execute as per the ‘How to create' doc  & guidelines given

  • Submit guest blogs from this dashboard itself.

backlink manager pic.jpg

Essential Tools

Inbuilt link exchange system - Exchange backlinks by communicating from a single dashboard

Link Monitor - When you get a link, you fear it might be removed. Our link monitor will inform you if they are removed.

Link Giver Admin - View incoming requests for exchange or paid backlinks. Review, approve & reject them from one dashboard.

Shared Workspace - Invite your teammates & give access to specific dashboards

My Sites & Links - Register your sites so other Linkly community members can find your site.

backlink monitor pic.jpg

Parameters on Linkly to filter backlink worthy sites

Domain Authority


Self Publish

Effort Required

Do they link to illicit site?


Spam Score

Free or Paid

Indexed or not

Publish Probability


Organic Keywords


Guest Blog/Link Insertion


Traffic Distribution

Link type

No. of backlinks

Trusted by 1000+ SEO Marketers & Site Owners like you

Hear It from Our Customers

Link building has a severe cold start problem. People don’t want to link to a fresh site with low domain authority, & it takes a lot of links to increase the domain authority. Linkly helped my site to get to 22 DA with their link building opportunities & I am still getting more link building opportunities from sites in similar niches & relevant domain authority.

Nathan, Startup Owner, Linkly Customer

Target Customers

Professional Woman

SEO Marketer

Increasing your rank is a multi-faceted job, finding issues, on-page, spying competitors & more, leaving no time for link building. With Linkly, ease your link building efforts without hiring an expensive in-house team.

Professional Male

Agency Owner

You have exhausted your internal repository of sites for your clients or you are tired doing the same activity. Switch to Linkly to find fresh link building opportunities every month for your diverse clients.

Professional Male


Whether you have an ecommerce site or are an Indie blogger, you don’t want to spend so much time or money in something that will give yield in 6 months. Linkly can be a quicker way to build your backlinks.

Linkly helps all DA-DR sites

Different authority sites can create different types of links as per their niche

Growing Site Owners

(Low-Medium DA-DR sites)

  • Free Guest Posts
  • Paid Guest Posts
  • Backlink Exchange
  • Link Insertion

Mature Site Owners

(Medium-High DA-DR sites)

  • Backlink Exchange
  • Link Insertion
  • Sponsor Content
  • Paid Guest Posts

Link-building is a game that we play to get free traffic from Google.
Linkly could be your cheat code for that game.

Types of backlinks available

Linkly has a diversity of sites for different cost, link types & DA levels.

A-B-C Link Exchange

Free Guest Blog (Give Content, Get link)

Paid Guest Blog & Link Insertion

Why Linkly?


All link-building opportunities are manually curated to ensure they are white hat & not spammy. For anything that goes wrong, we have your back. Our link monitor tool tracks your backlink & informs if they are removed

Save Time

Given enough time, you could easily make this list, get the contact details, reach out & convince the webmaster for a backlink, if required.


Do you really wanna do that instead of building products & increasing sales? 

Ever Growing Database

The already huge database of 500+ sites will become more powerful as users join the community of ‘Linkers’, it becomes more rewarding for you over time.

Whenever you write a new blog or landing page, get it ranked faster by getting fresh backlinks to the latest content.

Linkly Backlink Marketplace

Linkly is one of a kind Backlink Marketplace, where webmasters can come & communicate directly. In a way, each link building activity has the same set of steps again and again. We are trying to put an end to that. So you can just focus on writing content & deliver more value to your users.

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