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Whether you are a newbie or experienced in link building, you would go through some of the following steps when building links

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Use Linkly to get curated link building opportunities in a marketplace of free & paid backlinks, 

Get backlink worthy sites by filtering on desired parameters


Filter Domains

Simply put filters on parameters like DA, type of backlink, traffic, niche, spam %, price etc. to find backlink worthy sites.


Required Action

Create backlinks as you would normally do - create user profile, answer questions, write guest blog, link insertion para etc.


Get Backlink

Get backlinks & manage backlink activity from a single Dashboard. Linkly also monitors backlinks so they aren't removed.

Linkly Tool

On top of being a vault of backlinks, Linkly is also a management & productivity tool to manage your backlink activity.

Link Vault

A single dashboard combining your Site Research & Prospecting. View sites with 23 parameters to find the ones backlink worthy. Scroll down to see the list of parameters.

  • Manually curated opportunities 

  • White hat sites only

  • No spammy sites

  • No sites linking to porn or illicit content.

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Link Manager

Dashboard to view all ‘Accepted’ link opportunities & take action


  • After you ‘Accept’ a link in Link Vault, it comes to Backlink Manager. 

  • View info to create your backlink - Content Guidelines & How to create

  • Give access to your team members so they can execute as per the ‘How to create’ doc  & guidelines given

  • Submit guest blogs from this dashboard itself.

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Essential Productivity Tools

Link Monitor

  • Once you got the link, you fear it might be removed. that’s why we made the Link monitor which constantly monitors your backlinks to inform you if they are removed

  • Helpful for most type of backlinks like link exchange, paid links, profile creation & QnA comments.

Link Giver Admin

  • View incoming requests for backlink exchange or paid backlinks

  • Review, approve & reject them from one single dashboard.

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